Millburn Congregational UCC

"Watching for and celebrating movements of God's Spirit."


Knowledge, wisdom and insight are gifts to be shared, and we are all teachers. Through Christian Education young people and adults learn about the distinctiveness of Christian faith and practice and their belonging to a religious tradition that is many thousands of years old. And it’s mainly through Christian Education that we develop our shared commitment to the Church as an institution and to the United Church of Christ as the house of communion in which we experience spiritual home.
Our education program builds on Great Traditions, and it is for Children and Youth and for Adults.

For Children and Youth


Our Nursery is open each Sunday at 9:45 for the 10:00 Worship Service.  It is staffed by members Christine Grolmes, Sarah Bristol, Krystal Manna, Penny Tate.  Two attendants work each week on a monthly rotation. The Nursery is located in the new wing, just follow the signs.


Sunday School:

We offer Sunday school for children 3 years of age through Senior High.  Sunday school is held during the 10:00 worship time.  Children start in Church with their parents for announcements and Sharing Time with Pastor Jed.  They lead the congregation in the Lord’s Prayer and then leave for classes.  Our children in preschool through 6th grade, will be using the curriculum we you used last year called, Grow, Proclaim, Serve! Grow Your Faith by Leaps and Bounds.    This curriculum will nourish and enrich the faith of our children.  Kids will learn how they can proclaim the good news of God’s love and serve God and neighbor.  Our 8th Grade and Senior High are using LinC, Living in Christ.  The purpose of this program is help youth develop Christian identity and live the Christian faith in their contemporary culture. Regular classes meet each Sunday of the month. Our Sunday school is mandated by our Safe Church Policy and we follow the “two adult rule” in all of our classrooms. 


The children in our Sunday school program are allowed to sing a joyful noise unto the LordOur Cherub Choir, preschoolers through 2nd grade under the direction of Deb Grandos, practices each week except the first Sunday of the month. They usually sing in Church on the 3rd Sunday of the month with a few exceptions.



We offer programming for our youth in 7th Grade through Senior High.  We meet every other Sunday from 11:30am-2:00pm.  We start with fun and games then lunch together followed by worship time we call “Club”.  We also help with the P.A.D.S. meal on the first of second Sunday of the month and we call this “Mission Club”. 


Our Senior High Youth have been on four Mission Trips and participated in the UCC National and Regional Youth Events during the summers.  They do all their own fundraising for the mission work they are involved. 


We offer a week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS) program each summer usually in the month of July.  Led by moms, dads, members and our youth, we sing, dance and have a great time learning about Jesus and his word.


A Confirmation Course for eighth graders is held each year and taught by Pastor Jed.  This class prepares youth for the affirmation of their Baptismal vows.


Pastor Jed offered two book study opportunities this year.  One was in the Spring and the other was in the Summer.  Both were three weeks in length.  We look forward to doing more of these discussions in the future!