Millburn Congregational UCC

"Watching for and celebrating movements of God's Spirit."

Our Staff
Rev. Jed Watson was installed as pastor of Millburn Church on April 3, 2005. A native of Racine, WI, he graduated from Marquette University in 1988 with a degree in political science and English, and earned a master’s degree in public policy and administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990. He worked in various capacities in criminal justice, where his duties often took him into the field – to prisons, detention centers, treatment facilities and court rooms – visiting offenders, victims and the professionals who serve them. Through those experiences he acquired fresh insights into the reality and nature of human brokenness, pain and tragedy. He discovered that the problems that occupied him professionally – violence, abuse, exploitation - are all largely spiritual in nature, products of broken relationships and distorted understandings of ourselves in relation to one another and to God. It was with this sharpened vision and renewed energy that he revisited an idea he had pondered many times: to seek a career in the Christian ministry.
So he went to seminary, earning a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in 2002. Pastor Jed understands the Christian life as a continual homecoming, a returning again and anew to the center of meaning, value and purpose in our lives. He considers ministry the ongoing celebration of our Christian homecoming, which is born of God’s Spirit. He has emphasized Christian Education in his ministry, and believes it is for all ages. He is deeply moved when a young child or youth first learns of the love and grace of God, and considers it an indescribable joy when a more experienced person finds a faith that calls her or him home again in a new and refreshing way.
Pastor Jed is married to Susan Watson, who is a corporate archivist. He is an avid baseball fan (Milwaukee Brewers) and enjoys music, reading and writing.